Monday , May 21 2018
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Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat. Director: Steven S. DeKnight Stars: John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny Quality: BRRip: 720p, 1080p Source Info: IMDb Select Movie …

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Peter Rabbit (2018)

Based on the books by Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit (James Corden;) his three sisters: Flopsy (Margot Robbie,) Mopsy and Cotton Tail (Daisy Ridley) and their cousin Benjamin (Colin Moody) enjoy their days harassing Mr McGregor in his vegetable garden. Until one day he dies and no one can stop them …

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Hostiles (2017)

In 1892, after nearly two decades of fighting the Cheyenne, the Apache, and the Comanche natives, the United States Cavalry Captain and war hero, Joseph Blocker, is ordered to escort the ailing Cheyenne chief, Yellow Hawk–his most despised enemy–to his ancestral home in Montana’s Valley of the Bears. Nauseated with …

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Guardians of the Tomb (2018)

An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 B.C. China unearths a two thousand-year-old nightmare, a secret that should have remained buried. Director: Kimble Rendall Stars: Bingbing Li, Kellan Lutz, Kelsey Grammer Quality: BRRip: 720p, 1080p Source Info: IMDb Select Movie quality:

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